Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Tapestry Collage"

There doesn't seem to be a screencap with Jacob's entire tapestry in the shot yet, so I pieced together some bits from all the caps we've found so far. The inset on the bottom left in the section that is missing, is reduced and inserted from the image below. I left it to "float" there, since I don't know exactly where it fits in and the size is probably not quite right either. Unfortunately it was not possible to patch the tapestry together yet without having remaining "parts" of the humans standing before it, so some of Ben's arm and John's hand are still in the way. The inset piece in the image below is this covered area, from the shot of Ben standing in front of the tapestry, but the angle was too sharp to fit into the collage above. I realize that this is a terrible job, but all I have is "Printkey" and "MSPaint" to work with. So if anyone locates a screencap of the entire fabric, or a better collage, please share it with us. Thanks! :-)


Greg Tramel said...

hey not bad, we can see the part that the spinning wheel was covering up much better

Greg Tramel said...

the is the 1st time i really looked at the torn bit

can't quite decide what is behind the statue, greek columns or something else?

Greg Tramel said...

or is it the small island

Capcom said...

Thanks! I worked on it really hard this afternoon for you'se blog buds...after you suggested trying to find it in total. :o)

I know what you mean, is it the island or is it a sinking, listing ship behind the statue? It could either be a very stylized terrain, or the wooden slats of a ship or other structure.

Also on the bottom, there are three sailboat-looking objects, but it also kind of looks like it could be a graphhic depiction of vortexes as well. In my dreams! But three? I don't know.

Capcom said...

I just checked Lostpedia again, and they have a much better patch job on the missing piece. The way that they put it together it definitely looks like the statue standing at the edge of the island (mountains behind it), looking out to sea at link

Greg Tramel said...

ah yes, it all depends on the angle

but it reminds me i don't think we talked much about why the 2007ers landed on the small island and the 1977ers landed on the big island (or i just can't remember what we said)

since they landed in two different parts of the time cones it made sense that they kinda had to do it that way BUT what keeps throwing me off is how the two parts of the “island bubble” (meaning both islands and the immediate water surrounding them) are in 2 different timelines at he SAME time (since it is the present for BOTH the 2007ers and 1977ers) even with Sun, Frank, Ben, and FLocke going to the big island

it almost seems like they broke their golden rule regarding involving parallel universe strings or I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around how it happened without going the multieverse route

Capcom said...

I don't remember if we talked about that either, but it's a very good question. There might be some significance in the relationship between the two islands. Especially when you think about the lecture that Ben gave Sawyer on the Hydra looking at the Big Island. i.e., all the time spent there talking and looking at it. And why would TPTB go to the trouble of creating two islands, when one would do for the story just fine? Hmm. Could the Hydra be a piece of Earth trapped in the influence of the island, if the island is indeed a piece of rock from an outside source other than Earth?

As for the separate times of the two rocks in the same bubble, maybe it's just the people who are in different times, not the islands? Dan did mention that he thought that they might be the ones who were traveling, not the island itself.

Those three objects in the ocean (in the tapestry) remind me of your Giza/Belt idea. The tops do kind of look pyramidal or at least crystal-like in shape, if it's not just a highly stylized rendition of sails.

I'd also like to figure out, if the tapestry is a history of the island, on which end does it begin? The top or bottom? One would think that it would begin at the top, where Jacob began weaving, but...if the sun touching the people represents Jacob touching the Losties, etc., that's kind of in the middle of the story.

beer said...

bigmouth has a nice photo of the tapestry around 95%+

Greg Tramel said...

beer, still WAITING for my Guiness

Jacob's Tapestry

Capcom said...

Tx guys! Yes, the insert is the image that Lostpedia put together that I linked in the comments.

I really do like that shot with Ben. At that time I was trying to get a straight-on shot too that was as complete as possible, and there didn't seem to be one posted around at the time. It looks like Lostpedia's is patched together as well. :-)