Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Is Ajira Headed For A Vortex?"

In the Ajira Airlines ad on the Ajira webpage, it has been noted that the flight-attendant seems to be wearing a trefoil version of an ouroboros pin, similar to Mrs. Hawking's circular pin. It looks to me as if she is also wearing a vortex graphic in her scarf pattern (strategically placed in the center-front of her scarf twist). Perhaps the returning Losties-plus-Ben-plus-DeadLocke are going to be flying into one of the Vile Vortices that we've been talking about, probably since the TLE game, to get back to the island. At TLC's Lostargs blog, Sayid'sgirl reminded us of her theory about the Dragon's Triangle in the Pacific Ocean, which is one of the Vortices connected to Guam, our apparent destination on the Ajira flight. Be sure to book your seat, fasten your seatbelts, and drink all of your Magic Orangejuice! :-o

UPDATE: The scarf vortex also looks like the Paik logo reversed, so maybe Sun starts up her own airlines? Hmm.