Monday, June 23, 2008

"Have TPTB Revealed The Island's Location?"

As Bigmouth has noted on his blog: TPTB have mentioned "antipodes" in a couple of their last interviews this season. Antipodes are geographic locations that are diametrically opposite to each other through the center of the earth. Check out his great post and references on it.

After reading that I got curious and did an image search on antipodes and found a Google map for finding them. I put the arrow on Tozeur, Tunisia, where Ben's hotel was (not necessarily where he landed) and the bottom arrow landed at the antipode as shown, to the right of Australia. It's not exactly at the "4.815, 162.342" coordinates, but a bit south of that. Going to a "4.8xxx..." point takes the antipodal arrow to the far south of Nigeria. Not a bad proposition for explaining Yemi's small plane getting to the island, although that's too far away for Ben to be riding a horse to his favorite hotel with no provisions. Tunisia the antipode for the island's position in 2004, or for its location after it "moved" and spewed Ben out to the antipodal point in the desert?!

I thought that it was interesting to find a map that could locate the exact antipodes for us, so that we wouldn't have to guess, in case this concept is a key to locating the island.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"The Fertility Issues"

Ezra James Sharkington has posted some interesting points about the island pregnancy and fertility situations on her blog: , so be sure to read her thoughts from the perspective of her experience in the health field. :-)

I was also wondering today, if one of the many reasons why Juliet wants to get off of the island is because of what she now knows about how the island ages women's reproductive systems. Richard was very vague and withholding when he showed her the CT scans of one of their island symptoms. Just as he lied to her about her 6-month stint, he also was not forthcoming about how her longer stay on the island might affect her body as well. But surely now that she's been on the island for 3 years, she knows what caused the problem that she saw on the images before she signed on. With that knowledge, she must also realize that her body could be quickly disintegrating in the same fashion. Granted she misses her sister, and who wouldn't want to leave Craphole Island for any reason, but I'm wondering if TPTB mean for us to keep Juliet's accelerating bio-clock in the back of our minds as well, as we judge her intentions for leaving.

There are scores of questions, contradictions and implications on the fertility problems to wonder about. Including how it relates to the way the island usually heals other maladies, but adversely affects female reproduction while at the same time enhancing the male system. Does anyone know of any other blogs that have good ideas about these complicated medical topics?

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Some Blast Door Map Thoughts"

For a little hiatus distraction, I wanted to post this Blast Door Map video by Celeon999A. It combines the BDM shown in the "Lockdown" episode, with the map in the game Via Domus, highlighting and translating some of the new inscriptions. Although the game BDM is not entirely within the show's canonical parameters, TPTB did mention before the game was released that it would reveal an added dimension of the BDM that we could not see on the show. Lostpedia also notes this, with inconsistencies to keep in mind as well. But since we now have new stations on the island to consider when studying the old map, it's fun to apply these theories with a grain of salt when looking back on the BDM notations. We do need to reassess the map with the new information anyway, as Wayne Allen Sallee has noted. A longer video covering the original BDM is also available, which includes the episode scenes with Locke, making it even more interesting and creepy to watch: