Monday, June 16, 2008

"Some Blast Door Map Thoughts"

For a little hiatus distraction, I wanted to post this Blast Door Map video by Celeon999A. It combines the BDM shown in the "Lockdown" episode, with the map in the game Via Domus, highlighting and translating some of the new inscriptions. Although the game BDM is not entirely within the show's canonical parameters, TPTB did mention before the game was released that it would reveal an added dimension of the BDM that we could not see on the show. Lostpedia also notes this, with inconsistencies to keep in mind as well. But since we now have new stations on the island to consider when studying the old map, it's fun to apply these theories with a grain of salt when looking back on the BDM notations. We do need to reassess the map with the new information anyway, as Wayne Allen Sallee has noted. A longer video covering the original BDM is also available, which includes the episode scenes with Locke, making it even more interesting and creepy to watch:


maven said...

First! LOL

Great idea, Capcom. It'll be fun to see what stuff you gather...I'll be watching.

Capcom said...

The very first ever! LOL

Thanks Maven! Either this will be worth the trouble, or I will poop out and not do much on it. I just hope that we gets lots of tidbits to think about after ComicCon, especially if it starts an ARG!

But there are so many good sites spread around that work on explaining the science, I thought I'd try to funnel them down a little here. :-)

Ezra James Sharkington said...

Capcom, like Maven I think this is a great idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with If you ever do a post on the pregnancy issue feel free to use some of the ideas in my blog post where I tried to give some scientific theories on what could be happening. Now I just need the courage to post them to TLC if you guys haven't thought of them yet :)

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

Hey EJS, I didn't know that you started a blog! It's been so long since you posted too. I'll be reading your blog now daily and I will definitely link your thoughts on the science of that soon. Your thoughts are great, and I really like your posts so far. :-D