Monday, August 11, 2008

"Present And Past Parallel"

The Season 4 promo poster may mean even more in Season 5.
At Comic Con TPTB told us that generally speaking, there would be no more bouncing around between flashbacks and flashforwards anymore. So what does this mean (besides that we might not get our promised Danielle FB)? Don Williams and Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV have an idea. "They plan to tell stories on the island, off the island, in the past and in the future." And, "When we last left our castaways, they were separated by both time and geography. The Oceanic 6, Ben and the corpse of John Locke...are off the island, about three years after they all left the island. Meanwhile, everyone else who stayed on the island, including the still alive John Locke, have been transported either to a different location, a different time, or both. Either the island people are still three years behind the Oceanic 6, or roughly two years and two months behind (depending on if they jumped in time exactly as far as Ben did)."

I like this idea a lot, as it fits in with the clues that we were given about the Kerr theory. Outer shell, inner shell...present, past...maybe connected by a wormhole(pinhole?). I am also glad that TPTB warmed us up for this dual-time scenario (intentionally or not) with the first four seasons of FBs and FFs. How these two worlds get back together again will be a fun event to look forward to.

And most importantly while they are apart and parallel, Locke is going to exist in a way that Doc Ray did momentarily, that is, alive and dead at the same time. I'm sure that Terry O'Q is up to the challenge.