Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Tunnels And Tubes"

On my regular Lost blog Wayne and I were talking tunnels, and it inspired me to finally do some research on my lava tube theory for the island. It's not a complicated or important theory, just one built on the thought that since there is a network of tunnels, how did these tunnels get dug out? Not only do the Others/Hostiles always pop up everywhere on the island, as well as Ethan and Goodwin getting to the crash sites fast enough from Otherton to be considered survivors, but Richard sashayed into DI-ville without any determent from the sonic fence at all. And indeed, many of the maps and diagrams that we've been shown have indicators of tunnels. Our previous guesses that vast access tunnels must exist were confirmed in Season 5 and we got to see some of them. So given that it might be near to impossible to create a network of tunnels through a volcanic rock island, I thought that maybe lava tubes might be a natural geographic feature that would aid the indigenous islanders in creating their subterranean network. Wiki of course offered up some nice examples of lava tubes and caves.

Looking down the axis of a classic lava tube passage, Lava Beds National Monument, California.

Park service cross-section map showing lava mold caves, Mt. St. Helens National Monument in Washington.

Thurston Lava Tube, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The step mark on the right wall indicates the depth at which the lava flowed for a period of time. And as anyone who's seen the movie "Surf's Up" knows, you can surf through lava tubes as well! BTW, there is an article on the tunnels where Jughead was kept, in the latest Lost magazine, including set design photos. I would have included some scans here, but the ones that were posted by ODI were removed as per ABC's request.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"Desmond's Phoenix Crest"

Over at "EyeMSick", Greg posted some thoughts about a possible link between the crest on Desmond's shirt, and what might happen to Jacob (as in a resurrection/rebirth/etc.). So we did some research on the images from seasons 1 & 2. Time will tell if more info can be found on this particular symbol, I'll post what we might find here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Smokey's True Identity"

This one's for the metal-heads. The other night I realized who Smokey's Eddie the mascot of Iron Maiden, of course! I don't know why I didn't think of it before (being a former metal-head/Iron Maiden fan myself), it's all so clear. We know that Eddie was once a mummy in ancient Egypt, and he's big, evil, vengeful, and a zombie.

OK, it's really time for me to re-watch the finale, I still haven't yet. :-o

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Tapestry Collage"

There doesn't seem to be a screencap with Jacob's entire tapestry in the shot yet, so I pieced together some bits from all the caps we've found so far. The inset on the bottom left in the section that is missing, is reduced and inserted from the image below. I left it to "float" there, since I don't know exactly where it fits in and the size is probably not quite right either. Unfortunately it was not possible to patch the tapestry together yet without having remaining "parts" of the humans standing before it, so some of Ben's arm and John's hand are still in the way. The inset piece in the image below is this covered area, from the shot of Ben standing in front of the tapestry, but the angle was too sharp to fit into the collage above. I realize that this is a terrible job, but all I have is "Printkey" and "MSPaint" to work with. So if anyone locates a screencap of the entire fabric, or a better collage, please share it with us. Thanks! :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Scraps Of Maps"

Yung23 posted this island geography map made up of pieces of map drawings shown in various episodes. I don't know if I can get my brain to match all of the station locations, for instance I didn't imagine the Flame to be so far south, but I'm not at all sure. Details on how this map was made, as well as 3D and other map drawings, are here:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Elsewhen In Time"

Recently the SciFi Channel has been airing the old "Land Of The Lost" TV series as prep for the new movie of the same name, and I found in it many time travel elements in common with Lost. Although there isn't much depth to the average episode of the LOTL series, many of the stories were written by established and respected Science Fiction authors, such as David Gerrold, Larry Niven, and Ben Bova. One of the eps that I found particularly interesting was the one written by D.C. Fontana ("Elsewhen"), who is well known for her TV scripts and stories, notably the Star Trek series. BTW, "Elsewhen" is also the title of a novella by Robert Heinlein about parallel universes.

I looked up the unusual title of the episode, and found that it pertains to time travel theory, particularly concerning light cones, which we have seen notations on in screencaps of Daniel's notebook. Doing a search on "elsewhen" came up with the first image at the top of this post, which is very similar to figural notations that I've posted previously of Stephen Hawking's ( The website where it resides ( shows nothing other than the image. But I found some text on "elsewhen" at another site ( that covers some interesting points: "Let us think about time in a linear fashion, with the future stretching out before us, and the past behind us. Those areas of the universe that we theoretically could have had an influence on are said to be within our past lightcone. Those areas that we can have an influence on (if we could travel at the speed of light [the"universal speed limit"]) are said to be in our future lightcone. Anything in the past or future lightcones are said to be in our "locality"; everything else is in the elsewhen [or in parallel]."

This thought, and Lost's implications of Kerr's theory on concentric shells of time, help explain the possibility of parallel existence in separate times, among other things. In Fontana's LOTL story, Holly travels down a mysterious hole in a cave to get her brother and dad out of a jam with the Sleestaks. While dangling on the rope in the hole, Holly passes through an upside-down (parallel?) world.

She also meets a woman who walks out of the mist of an inter-dimensional portal who gives her advice about the present and future. Holly notices that the woman has a large scar on her arm. Later after cutting her arm while saving her dad and brother, Holly sees the woman again and realizes that it's really her own grown up self that she is talking to. On Lost in Season 5, we find out that people like Sun could be existing in 2007 in two separate places at the same time, i.e., on the island after the flight 316 "landing", and back in the world as one of the Oceanic 6. As well as the LBs existing in two places in 1977 (if they were born by then, haha). But so far we haven't actually seen a future Lostie speak to their past self yet, other than Daniel leaving notes for himself in the past and future, or Locke sending himself messages across time via Richard. And, that brief moment when we thought that Locke was existing in two timelines, before we found out that one of them was really Jacob's nemesis in disguise.

As an added note, there is another episode of LOTL, "The Circle" (written by Niven and Gerrold), that is also very similar in concept to Lost. In it, our three heroes meet up again with their Sleestak "pal" Enik, who once again is trying to get back through the portal to his own time, while not caring about the Marshall family's troubles. Enik, Rick, and Will have a lengthy discussion about how nothing can go through a temporal doorway properly without something of equal energy passing through the other way at the same time. A cosmic swap, if you will. But Enik surmises that the Marshalls entered without the swap, so they are actually dead in their own time, but also existing in the Land of the Lost, and that they must leave in order to fix the paradox. The Marshalls assume that they can get home if they complete the paradox, so they go through the portal which only brings them back around to their initial entrance into the Land of the Lost. The catch is, doing this fixes the paradox but allows only Enik to go back home, and leaves the Marshall family to re-arrive in the past, and live their time there all over again. Sound familiar? So the moral of the story is, with liar friends like Enik and Ben Linus, you don't need enemies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Geronimo Mysticism And The Island War"

Last night while I was watching the PBS series "We Shall Remain" about native American history, this was said, "...Geronimo had the ability to suspend time and space..." This of course made me immediately think of "Geronimo Jackson", DHARMA's favorite hippie band. Lost is partially about time and space, so I wondered if TPTB intended any connection.

Geronimo was not a tribal chief, but"...he was a military leader. As a Chiricahua Apache, this meant he was one of many people with special spiritual insights and abilities known to Apache people as "Power". Among these were the ability to walk without leaving tracks; the abilities now known as telekinesis and telepathy; and the ability to survive gunshot.." (Wiki) So Geronimo was considered a leader and medicine man to his people. Crazy thought: is Jacob Geronimo? :-)

The band "Geronimo Jackson" has the combined names of a mystical Native American leader, and president Andrew Jackson, who was a "... leading advocate of a policy known as Indian removal, which involved the ethnic cleansing of several Indian tribes." (Wiki). When Jackson had the choice to overrule the Supreme Court action to evict the Cherokees' promised place on their lands, he refused to intervene on their behalf, resulting in the infamous Trail Of Tears journey. Was the name of the Lost band originally a clue to the long struggle between the fight for the use of the island's mystical properties for commercial purposes? The band's only album is of course titled after the Magna Carta, "...arguably the most significant early influence on the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today..." (Wiki). We know now that the island is the epicenter of a similar extended war -- a fight between the indigenous and the infiltrating peoples. The U.S. Cavalry pursued Geronimo relentlessly until he finally gave in. Maybe this is a clue as to how the island war will fare.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Mapping The Lost World"

Jonah Adkins has done some really great work on this Mapping Lost blog here: Pretty much everything we've seen or visited has been updated on the island and world maps. I haven't gone over it super-closely yet, but the effort is without question an excellent one. Not only is the island marked, but also all important global spots on land and sea are noted. Be sure to stop over and peruse around the Lost World maps there.

Closeup of the island map.

Various UK treks and flight paths from the global map, including Mrs. Hawking's calculations.

There are a couple more map sites to show as well in the near future, including Yung23's digital graphics and cartography.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Thoughts On Miles And Timeloops"

Miles' lecture to Hurley about time travel and memories made things a little clearer in my mind, but also a little muddier. I like what he was saying, but it jolted me off of the Kerr time shell theory track a bit. Although I can equate it to Faraday's record skipping illustration, i.e., if you skip from your original track to an adjacent track and then back again, you will have jumped from your original song, then sung another song, and moved back to your original song again having existed in two separate songs.

Another way that I was thinking of it is to put the different songs on a linear passage of time as we understand it. Each time you jump to another song or timeloop, you veer off of the timeline at a certain "line/loop" contact point (the Losties in 2007), you travel around the loop to live out the alternate timeloop past (1977 to present), and then eventually return via time passing to your original departure point once again (2007). In this way you could at the same time have a known past from your original timeline, and then veer into your "secondary past" (the one that Miles says hasn't happened to you yet which is why you don't remember it), and eventually "meet yourself" back in the future. What you will remember from there on is something that I haven't examined yet. For instance, would you have two pasts to remember now? Why not?!

Well, I'm not hanging my hopes on this theory at all, it's just something that I'm playing with until I understand what Miles said a little better, in respect to the theories that TPTB have thrown out at us thus far. Feel free to pick up your BB guns and shoot holes in it where necessary. :-)

Update: Wiki says this about Time Loops: "A time loop or temporal loop is a common plot device in science fiction (especially in universes where time travel is commonplace) in which time runs normally for a set period (usually a day or a few hours) but then skips back like a broken record. When the time loop "resets", the memories of most characters are reset (i.e. they forget all that happened)."

Another very interesting source for theories is here:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Floating Islands"

Since we learned from Mrs. Hawking that the Island actually does move, there has been a little talk about the possibility of floating islands. For anyone who has ever seen a "Yes" album, the image of Roger Dean's floating islands surely must come to mind.

A widely respected yacht designer (Gary Mull, who died of cancer in July 1994 at the age of 55, had theories about a floating island, particularly, Alcatraz. His research into it was initiated by his curiosity of the area's wind and water cones, and the odd currents in and around Alcatraz in the bay, and why sailboats had such a difficult time negotiating it. From the following website comes this quote: "It was in the great storm of 1772 that the Spanish discovered that the premonitory on which they had built their fort was not attached to the mainland, but actually seemed to be what is called now in geological circles as a floating island...they had built their fort on what apparently was a large pumice plug, blown loose at some time by a volcano..." The article goes on to cite the usual government secrets, etc., and is an intriguing short read. Don't you get an interesting image in your mind when you think about a huge plug blowing off the top of a volcano and landing in the ocean? Sploosh! I'd like to give credit to the Lost blogger who posted this theory and link on TLC (I think) last year, but I can't remember who it was, I'm sorry.

In 2005 someone devised a way to put some of Central Park on a barge and drag it around the Hudson River as some sort of natural installation art where, "Seeing a green island moving up and down the waters is supposed to make you think about your own physical location." Ho-hum. I have rarely liked that kind of art...if it's not downright ugly, it seems interesting until you read the pretentious description of it that is supposed to shake up all your preconceived notions about your life. Moving right along.

Jules Verne seems to have written a book called "The Floating Island" (also going by other titles) but I can't seem to find too much info on it. It's mostly about a man-made structure though, not a natural island.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Number 108 In Tai Chi"

Last week when I went on my monthly reading-magazines-at-the-bookstore excursion, I found an interesting article in "T'ai Chi" magazine:

"The Importance Of Numbers In Tai Chi"
"Q. Why does the traditional Taijiquan always use 108 moves as its form?"

The reply given is broken down into the perspectives of: the Natural, Religious, Human Research and Discovery, and Numerology. Although the article spans about five full pages and is very detailed philosophically, not too much was of use to glean any insight for Lost answers. But some points were intriguing.

The natural perspective covered the Daosist mountain, Wu Dang Shan which has 72 peaks and 36 cliffs = 108, "the 108 of the natural earth spirits of God's creation." Daoists also believe that "the Big Dipper has 36 Tim Gang (beneficial) stars and 72 Di Sha (malevolent) stars." Since we believe that Ursa Major was in one of the episodes, that stood out to me.

The religious aspects include the mention of 108 pagodas or stupas in Ningxia (see photo above) and represents "Buddha's presence in man." And of course there are 108 prayers said on a mala (a 108 bead rosary), as also mentioned at Lostpedia.

Additionally, 108 is part of the Chinese practice of a daily routine of healthful self-message and acupressure (message areas and repetitions equal 108), and "the Chinese character for the word tea represents the numeric 108." A traditional saying states that if one drinks tea regularly, "one may live to at least 108." 108 is also believed by Chinese to stand for "mankind's quest to find significance in life while exploring its many mysteries," a sentiment that could have come from the peacefully-reformed Alvar Hanso himself. Regardless of how the number 108 is viewed, it "in all instances is always perceived as auspicious."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Donkey Wheel In Full View"

Lost2010 brought up a question about the FDW on her blog which led me to looking it up for a visual, and there is a very good graphic that a fan made up showing the entire wheel based on flipping the partial image we have, etc. It's nice work and good to share. Thanks Lost2010 for bringing up the thought. :-)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

"So Time Is Like A Street"

Wayne Allen Sallee and I have been emailing about Season 5 discussing quite a bit about the Time "thing" of course. So I thought of this: I, and my 9 yr old nephew Ian, have been getting confused about why they keep saying that they can't change the past or future, but they still keep trying to change "something". But what if TPTB are getting really clinical with the details of that, and the characters are really only changing the "present" and that's somehow allowed? Because Dan really kind of changed Desmond's "present" by giving him a memory at that moment of their Swan encounter in the "past" when the island moved there (two minutes after Dan said that they couldn't change things!).

If you use Dan's analogy of walking up or down a street and not being able to change it, perhaps you can't change the buildings or permanent aspects, but maybe you can do something like put some flowers in a window, or paint a building (or, place a memory in someone's mind like Dan did), to change how the street will look (or how the mind will remember) in the present/future from then on since the alteration? I don't know how that could be viable in relation to everything else. I'm just trying to understand why some things can be "altered" or colored if you will, when we kept being told that it can't be done. There seems to be some detail of this that I just can't define yet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Hawking's Computer Calculations"

Here is a screenshot from DarkUFO of the image on Mrs.H's computer screen compared to the most popular graphic of the theoretical global Vile Vortices locations on the web. Her screen shows determined locations that we don't know much about yet, but that we speculate will be either places where the island can "move" to, or locations where windows could "open up" to allow travel back to the island. There are a lot more points on her graphic than in the true vortices map, so as with everything else we'll just have to wait on more info to narrow it down. I've marked where the close matches are. I guess the one big question is, which of these points is the singular event window mentioned on the screen that is their final chance to make it back and to put the universe back in order?

UPDATE: Below the vortices map is a compiled estimate of where Guam fits into the vortex idea. Although the difference in the maps makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly (Mrs.H's computer map has an odd curvature distortion, and the vortex map is a flattened globe), on the computer Guam is either in or very near the Australian Triangle and Flight 316 would just have to fly a bit off course to hit the coordinates of the vortex there; but on the Vortex map, Guam seems to fall near Sayidsgirl's Asian Devil's Triangle and the plane would veer in that direction. By the way, the official Guam website is titled "Official Portal for the Island of Guam". :-D

*Thanks to Brianne at TLC for helping with a correction! :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Dan's The Man In This Season"

Early reports say that Professor Dan will be fairly prominent in the 2009 season, and the TV promo ads released so far certainly seem to show this, flashing images of Dan in various acts of exploration in mysterious places. I won't say anything more, for those who choose to shun spoiler details. But hopefully that means that we are going to get a lot of provocative and delicious scientific storyline via Dan's exploits. Which of course makes me very excited. "Joyyyyyyyy!" :-)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Is Ajira Headed For A Vortex?"

In the Ajira Airlines ad on the Ajira webpage, it has been noted that the flight-attendant seems to be wearing a trefoil version of an ouroboros pin, similar to Mrs. Hawking's circular pin. It looks to me as if she is also wearing a vortex graphic in her scarf pattern (strategically placed in the center-front of her scarf twist). Perhaps the returning Losties-plus-Ben-plus-DeadLocke are going to be flying into one of the Vile Vortices that we've been talking about, probably since the TLE game, to get back to the island. At TLC's Lostargs blog, Sayid'sgirl reminded us of her theory about the Dragon's Triangle in the Pacific Ocean, which is one of the Vortices connected to Guam, our apparent destination on the Ajira flight. Be sure to book your seat, fasten your seatbelts, and drink all of your Magic Orangejuice! :-o

UPDATE: The scarf vortex also looks like the Paik logo reversed, so maybe Sun starts up her own airlines? Hmm.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"So Much For The Science"

Oh well. I began this blog in hopes that after the astounding finale to Season 4 and the rumors of a hiatus ARG, we would have lots of science mysteries to solve. When DHARMA started up again and the Cheng video was "leaked" it seemed like we were in for some juicy DI science to chew on. But it wasn't so. Unless Hoodlum is gearing up for something really big and surprising for us, we probably won't be talking about any more science until Season 5 begins. If Phase 1 of the DHARMA recruiting is any indication, any future phases of their ARG will be pretty tame. Maybe if Rachel Blake can steal Hans' secret folder with our information in it, something interesting might happen. :-(

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Present And Past Parallel"

The Season 4 promo poster may mean even more in Season 5.
At Comic Con TPTB told us that generally speaking, there would be no more bouncing around between flashbacks and flashforwards anymore. So what does this mean (besides that we might not get our promised Danielle FB)? Don Williams and Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV have an idea. "They plan to tell stories on the island, off the island, in the past and in the future." And, "When we last left our castaways, they were separated by both time and geography. The Oceanic 6, Ben and the corpse of John Locke...are off the island, about three years after they all left the island. Meanwhile, everyone else who stayed on the island, including the still alive John Locke, have been transported either to a different location, a different time, or both. Either the island people are still three years behind the Oceanic 6, or roughly two years and two months behind (depending on if they jumped in time exactly as far as Ben did)."

I like this idea a lot, as it fits in with the clues that we were given about the Kerr theory. Outer shell, inner shell...present, past...maybe connected by a wormhole(pinhole?). I am also glad that TPTB warmed us up for this dual-time scenario (intentionally or not) with the first four seasons of FBs and FFs. How these two worlds get back together again will be a fun event to look forward to.

And most importantly while they are apart and parallel, Locke is going to exist in a way that Doc Ray did momentarily, that is, alive and dead at the same time. I'm sure that Terry O'Q is up to the challenge.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Want To Make Your Head Explode...Again?"

I've become very intrigued with the theory posted at the Doc Arzt coverage of the Octagon Global Recruiting video which involves a 30-year time span difference. A poster named WLM put down an excellent approach to laying out the ramifications of what was said in that video by Dr. Candle/Chang, which could really mesh with what we've seen so far on Lost.

Here's how WLM puts it: "Chang mentions the Kerr Metric, which if you look on Wikipedia, the following paragraph could relate to what happened to the Island. "Even stranger phenomena can be observed within the innermost region of this spacetime, such as some forms of time travel. For example, the Kerr metric permits closed, time-like loops in which a band of travelers' returns to the same place after moving for a finite time by their own clock; however, they return to the same place and time, as seen by an outside observer." I suspect the Island will return to the same place and time as it was when it vanished, yet days, months or years may have passed for anyone on or near the Island."

This Kerr Metric theory is really complicated, but includes the possibility of a spacetime spheres (if I understand it correctly) which allows a sphere of existence within an outside area of existence. Here the inner area could have a different spacetime, while the outer area retains it's current spacetime. Also according to the Wiki: "...the Kerr metric describes the geometry of spacetime around a rotating massive body." That rotating body might just be our island, when the conditions are "right". I know, it's weird, and even more dizzying than that because it includes spinning black holes and I'm not even too clear on regular black holes yet! But as I am wont to do, I'm trying to locate some graphics that can assist with comprehension.

BTW, all this involves an "ergosphere": "...a region located outside a rotating black hole. Within the ergosphere, spacetime is dragged along in the direction of the rotation of the black hole at a speed greater than the speed of light in relation to the rest of the universe." Could this ergosphere actually be our mysteriously unstable, and often stormy, island barrier that has to be traversed via an exact bearing? In the following illustration, the ergosphere is adjacent to the event horizon, i.e., the point of no return at the edge of the black hole. And as a secondary thought, does turning the Wheel initiate the spinning black hole? Just wondering. I must say, TPTB have their work cut out for them after revealing this explosive tidbit this summer.

And, do the concentric circles in the Orchid video pertain to the inner sphere area of the spinning black hole in the Kerr Metric? Update: WLN has said this about that: "The Island has not moved in place, only in time. Think of a sphere, with many concentric circles. The outer most circle is "now." Each inner circle is a different time line, the closer to the center, the further back in time. Jack and others are on the outer most circle. Locke and others are on the next band closer to the center, 30 years in the past. But the WHOLE circle sits in the same physical spot. These are timelines, not time places." It sounds very like the Orchid logo to me! I think that TPTB just gave us a really huge hint.

This formula makes sense too, right? Heheh, just kidding. P.S. Much thanks to Ellen for bringing this theory to our attention over at the TLC ARG blog. :-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Visual Aids Revisited, FWIW"

I was thinking today about some of the theories that we came up with about the island science before we saw the FDW in action -- boy, that seems like a long time ago. One idea that helped me get a handle on the Bunny-15 problem in last year's first mysterious Orchid video, was an illustration in a Stephen Hawking book, that I took the liberty of enhancing for a previous post. This illustration shows how someone could leave on one wormhole for the future, and return to the present on a different "wrong" wormhole, to arrive before he left. Perhaps that's how Bunny-15 landed in the same room as his early self, barring an "operator error" by the technician running the equipment that is. It's hard to get good lab help, especially when you are plucking recruits off the side of the road in Portland.

If this is one of Ben's "ideas" to get back to the island (arriving on a different wormhole to before he got squirted off the island), then he would have to kill his duplicate, like in the movie "Prestige"...and that's just too creepy, even for LOST -- but maybe that's why Richard doesn't need to remember birthdays, because he keeps killing his extra selves and therefore technically doesn't have a birthday anymore! But then Ben might have to dig up another ancient FDW to do it -- unless like S.R.Hadden in "Contact", the DI secretly built an extra Orchid apparatus on another anomaly and just billed Hanso double on the purchase request forms! OK, now I'm getting too crazy.

A Wiki illustration for a space/time application gave us one visual theory on the critical coordinates, that I also embellished. I'm not sure if I buy into the Moebius space warp anymore, but all that coordinates business is still up in the air until TPTB give us some more "friggin' answers". Although, I can imagine Doc Ray randomly floating in outside of the 305' (as TPTB have mentioned), getting caught in the loop, and slipping around time to acquire his previously cut face, before he washed ashore. But I wonder why his neck didn't go back to before it was cut? Hmmm.