Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Want To Make Your Head Explode...Again?"

I've become very intrigued with the theory posted at the Doc Arzt coverage of the Octagon Global Recruiting video which involves a 30-year time span difference. A poster named WLM put down an excellent approach to laying out the ramifications of what was said in that video by Dr. Candle/Chang, which could really mesh with what we've seen so far on Lost.

Here's how WLM puts it: "Chang mentions the Kerr Metric, which if you look on Wikipedia, the following paragraph could relate to what happened to the Island. "Even stranger phenomena can be observed within the innermost region of this spacetime, such as some forms of time travel. For example, the Kerr metric permits closed, time-like loops in which a band of travelers' returns to the same place after moving for a finite time by their own clock; however, they return to the same place and time, as seen by an outside observer." I suspect the Island will return to the same place and time as it was when it vanished, yet days, months or years may have passed for anyone on or near the Island."

This Kerr Metric theory is really complicated, but includes the possibility of a spacetime spheres (if I understand it correctly) which allows a sphere of existence within an outside area of existence. Here the inner area could have a different spacetime, while the outer area retains it's current spacetime. Also according to the Wiki: "...the Kerr metric describes the geometry of spacetime around a rotating massive body." That rotating body might just be our island, when the conditions are "right". I know, it's weird, and even more dizzying than that because it includes spinning black holes and I'm not even too clear on regular black holes yet! But as I am wont to do, I'm trying to locate some graphics that can assist with comprehension.

BTW, all this involves an "ergosphere": "...a region located outside a rotating black hole. Within the ergosphere, spacetime is dragged along in the direction of the rotation of the black hole at a speed greater than the speed of light in relation to the rest of the universe." Could this ergosphere actually be our mysteriously unstable, and often stormy, island barrier that has to be traversed via an exact bearing? In the following illustration, the ergosphere is adjacent to the event horizon, i.e., the point of no return at the edge of the black hole. And as a secondary thought, does turning the Wheel initiate the spinning black hole? Just wondering. I must say, TPTB have their work cut out for them after revealing this explosive tidbit this summer.

And, do the concentric circles in the Orchid video pertain to the inner sphere area of the spinning black hole in the Kerr Metric? Update: WLN has said this about that: "The Island has not moved in place, only in time. Think of a sphere, with many concentric circles. The outer most circle is "now." Each inner circle is a different time line, the closer to the center, the further back in time. Jack and others are on the outer most circle. Locke and others are on the next band closer to the center, 30 years in the past. But the WHOLE circle sits in the same physical spot. These are timelines, not time places." It sounds very like the Orchid logo to me! I think that TPTB just gave us a really huge hint.

This formula makes sense too, right? Heheh, just kidding. P.S. Much thanks to Ellen for bringing this theory to our attention over at the TLC ARG blog. :-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Visual Aids Revisited, FWIW"

I was thinking today about some of the theories that we came up with about the island science before we saw the FDW in action -- boy, that seems like a long time ago. One idea that helped me get a handle on the Bunny-15 problem in last year's first mysterious Orchid video, was an illustration in a Stephen Hawking book, that I took the liberty of enhancing for a previous post. This illustration shows how someone could leave on one wormhole for the future, and return to the present on a different "wrong" wormhole, to arrive before he left. Perhaps that's how Bunny-15 landed in the same room as his early self, barring an "operator error" by the technician running the equipment that is. It's hard to get good lab help, especially when you are plucking recruits off the side of the road in Portland.

If this is one of Ben's "ideas" to get back to the island (arriving on a different wormhole to before he got squirted off the island), then he would have to kill his duplicate, like in the movie "Prestige"...and that's just too creepy, even for LOST -- but maybe that's why Richard doesn't need to remember birthdays, because he keeps killing his extra selves and therefore technically doesn't have a birthday anymore! But then Ben might have to dig up another ancient FDW to do it -- unless like S.R.Hadden in "Contact", the DI secretly built an extra Orchid apparatus on another anomaly and just billed Hanso double on the purchase request forms! OK, now I'm getting too crazy.

A Wiki illustration for a space/time application gave us one visual theory on the critical coordinates, that I also embellished. I'm not sure if I buy into the Moebius space warp anymore, but all that coordinates business is still up in the air until TPTB give us some more "friggin' answers". Although, I can imagine Doc Ray randomly floating in outside of the 305' (as TPTB have mentioned), getting caught in the loop, and slipping around time to acquire his previously cut face, before he washed ashore. But I wonder why his neck didn't go back to before it was cut? Hmmm.