Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Geronimo Mysticism And The Island War"

Last night while I was watching the PBS series "We Shall Remain" about native American history, this was said, "...Geronimo had the ability to suspend time and space..." This of course made me immediately think of "Geronimo Jackson", DHARMA's favorite hippie band. Lost is partially about time and space, so I wondered if TPTB intended any connection.

Geronimo was not a tribal chief, but"...he was a military leader. As a Chiricahua Apache, this meant he was one of many people with special spiritual insights and abilities known to Apache people as "Power". Among these were the ability to walk without leaving tracks; the abilities now known as telekinesis and telepathy; and the ability to survive gunshot.." (Wiki) So Geronimo was considered a leader and medicine man to his people. Crazy thought: is Jacob Geronimo? :-)

The band "Geronimo Jackson" has the combined names of a mystical Native American leader, and president Andrew Jackson, who was a "... leading advocate of a policy known as Indian removal, which involved the ethnic cleansing of several Indian tribes." (Wiki). When Jackson had the choice to overrule the Supreme Court action to evict the Cherokees' promised place on their lands, he refused to intervene on their behalf, resulting in the infamous Trail Of Tears journey. Was the name of the Lost band originally a clue to the long struggle between the fight for the use of the island's mystical properties for commercial purposes? The band's only album is of course titled after the Magna Carta, "...arguably the most significant early influence on the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today..." (Wiki). We know now that the island is the epicenter of a similar extended war -- a fight between the indigenous and the infiltrating peoples. The U.S. Cavalry pursued Geronimo relentlessly until he finally gave in. Maybe this is a clue as to how the island war will fare.


memphish said...

I like it Capcom! Indigenous vs. immigrant. Jackson was also responsible for the slaughter of Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend in Alabama near where I grew up.

At my old law firm my boss would often joke about invoking "From the fields of Runnymede" where the Magna Carta was signed to ground your legal argument. Of course, he meant you invoke it when you're about to unload a string of BS, but the idea being that what you were claiming has been a right since those days.

In figuring out how to spell Runnymede I noticed the Magna Carta was signed by King John. To take this farther I'd say John Locke is the one who has to negotiate the ultimate truce between the parties. A truce that will replace the one being violated right and left by both Dharma and Hostiles and that was presumably brokered by James.

Capcom said...

Thanks Memphish! And that's some very interesting info, thanks for posting it! Your boss sound funny. :-)

Good point about John and a truce too, I like it. Well if that comes true, you posted it first! :-D

memphish said...

My boss was awesome. He was kind of like Tom Colicchio from Top Chef both in appearance and attitude. One of his other great statements was that he "was a child bride" because he'd married young. He was also very into art and had a reversible piece in his office. Office legend was that you could tell if your review was good or bad based on which side of the painting was facing out.

Capcom said...


Bosses like that are truly rare.