Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Mapping The Lost World"

Jonah Adkins has done some really great work on this Mapping Lost blog here: Pretty much everything we've seen or visited has been updated on the island and world maps. I haven't gone over it super-closely yet, but the effort is without question an excellent one. Not only is the island marked, but also all important global spots on land and sea are noted. Be sure to stop over and peruse around the Lost World maps there.

Closeup of the island map.

Various UK treks and flight paths from the global map, including Mrs. Hawking's calculations.

There are a couple more map sites to show as well in the near future, including Yung23's digital graphics and cartography.


Ellen said...

This is really awesome, Capcom! I love maps...:)

Capcom said...

Me too! Even though I'm not sure that I agree with some of the locations labeled in these maps, it's a very good effort and the minor details will be worked out eventually, right? :-D