Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Dan's The Man In This Season"

Early reports say that Professor Dan will be fairly prominent in the 2009 season, and the TV promo ads released so far certainly seem to show this, flashing images of Dan in various acts of exploration in mysterious places. I won't say anything more, for those who choose to shun spoiler details. But hopefully that means that we are going to get a lot of provocative and delicious scientific storyline via Dan's exploits. Which of course makes me very excited. "Joyyyyyyyy!" :-)


maven said...

I hope all your scientific dreams come true (via Dan)! And, of course you'll explain it to me! LOL

Ellen said...

LOVE Dan!!! I had heard that he would be a major player in the upcoming season...very happy!!!!

Capcom said...

Sure Maven! I'll go read the explanations on the other science blogs and then I'll condense it here with visual aids, as usual!


Awesome Ellen, we'll be luvvin Dan together, heheh.