Sunday, October 19, 2008

"So Much For The Science"

Oh well. I began this blog in hopes that after the astounding finale to Season 4 and the rumors of a hiatus ARG, we would have lots of science mysteries to solve. When DHARMA started up again and the Cheng video was "leaked" it seemed like we were in for some juicy DI science to chew on. But it wasn't so. Unless Hoodlum is gearing up for something really big and surprising for us, we probably won't be talking about any more science until Season 5 begins. If Phase 1 of the DHARMA recruiting is any indication, any future phases of their ARG will be pretty tame. Maybe if Rachel Blake can steal Hans' secret folder with our information in it, something interesting might happen. :-(


maven said...

And I was so looking forward to you explaining everything to me! LOL

Capcom said...

Me too Maven, I was looking forward to sounding like I knew what the he// I was talking about, heheh. :o)

And, to link to some other peoples' blogs who actually do know about these topics! Boohoo, no creepy science this hiatus.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Remember last year, though. Find815 wasn't started until December, if memory serves me right, which it often doesn't.

Capcom said...

Right, that's true. Maybe they should have waited a bit later to start this one. A long break with nothing to do is apparently a bad thing in the professional ARG world.

Anyway, we found that new S5 promo and the wacky S4 DVD extra to talk about until the game starts back up again.