Monday, August 11, 2008

"Present And Past Parallel"

The Season 4 promo poster may mean even more in Season 5.
At Comic Con TPTB told us that generally speaking, there would be no more bouncing around between flashbacks and flashforwards anymore. So what does this mean (besides that we might not get our promised Danielle FB)? Don Williams and Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV have an idea. "They plan to tell stories on the island, off the island, in the past and in the future." And, "When we last left our castaways, they were separated by both time and geography. The Oceanic 6, Ben and the corpse of John Locke...are off the island, about three years after they all left the island. Meanwhile, everyone else who stayed on the island, including the still alive John Locke, have been transported either to a different location, a different time, or both. Either the island people are still three years behind the Oceanic 6, or roughly two years and two months behind (depending on if they jumped in time exactly as far as Ben did)."

I like this idea a lot, as it fits in with the clues that we were given about the Kerr theory. Outer shell, inner shell...present, past...maybe connected by a wormhole(pinhole?). I am also glad that TPTB warmed us up for this dual-time scenario (intentionally or not) with the first four seasons of FBs and FFs. How these two worlds get back together again will be a fun event to look forward to.

And most importantly while they are apart and parallel, Locke is going to exist in a way that Doc Ray did momentarily, that is, alive and dead at the same time. I'm sure that Terry O'Q is up to the challenge.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

See, this is why I think a lot of the unanswered questions can get answered, Capcom. I think that most everything will happen freely, even though I speculated on a Faraday/Charlotte flashback on your other blog. Maybe there will be flashbacks, but maybe they will be real-time tales by Ben to the Oceanic Six, if that makes sense. He tells a story in 2008 but we see images of whenever. Like that. For that matter, Locke can uncover a whole mess of things just by being with the Others. We'll see. I'm guessing the first episode will lay it out on what to expect.

Capcom said...

I agree, there are a lot of possiblities that could carry explanation/exposition. Let's hope for the best.

I don't see how they can give up on all the FBs like they said, and still get all the backstory told. I hope that they throw in a few FBs once in a while.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Unless they can't be considered flashbacks because they are in the "present." What if the distance from the survivors to the raft meant a differential in time, as well. If the Zodiac ended up thirty years in the past, well that would explain Faraday's pinhole. If there were other survivors from the Kahana, would they float up on shore in 1988 or 1938? I think the best assumption is that if there is a Rousseau story, it will simply happen in 1988, which will mean that its not a flashback. Same with the Hostiles. Thinking on it, of the remaining episodes left, we would only have two or three that would be devoted to those besides the original cast, and even those might cut between, say the French expedition to whomever-in-2008. I think it would screw up everyone's mind too much if they did an episode with Hawking, Brother Donovan, Abaddon, and whoever else is lurking in that group.

Capcom said...

Good points and ideas! In fact I just read that TPTB also mentioned that there will be a kind of "third time" or timeline going on as well. So there could be the O-6 timeline, the moved island timeline, and then whatever else is happening in the past for these other storylines. Holycow.

Ellen said...

Capcom- I think this post hits a lot of things right on the head! For instance, remember in the finale, we were all speculating about how the different groups of people would all get back together and get off the island? Maybe that was pointing toward the "big" picture? I really like this idea! Excellent thoughts!

memphish said...

How did I miss this post back in August. ;-)

Don't forget that other analogy that's been posited by TPTB about our view pulling back a level each season. That's exactly what I think of when I think about spheres of time and space, starting at the center and pulling back a level at a time.

Capcom said...

Tx! It just occured to me one day that Locke is now dead and alive at the same time, as per the S4 finale, and how weird that is. There may be/have been other people alive and dead simultaneously too, that we don't know about yet. Maybe there is more than one Richard as well.

Good point both of you, about the big picture and all the levels. I had not read/heard that Memphish, about what TPTB said. It reminds me of the many layers of an onion, being peeled away. After seeing the new Journey To The Center Of The Earth, I could also accept an inner earth that some people have talked about too. But I don't think that's where TPTB are going tho.

Thanks for stopping by ladies! :-D