Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Visual Aids Revisited, FWIW"

I was thinking today about some of the theories that we came up with about the island science before we saw the FDW in action -- boy, that seems like a long time ago. One idea that helped me get a handle on the Bunny-15 problem in last year's first mysterious Orchid video, was an illustration in a Stephen Hawking book, that I took the liberty of enhancing for a previous post. This illustration shows how someone could leave on one wormhole for the future, and return to the present on a different "wrong" wormhole, to arrive before he left. Perhaps that's how Bunny-15 landed in the same room as his early self, barring an "operator error" by the technician running the equipment that is. It's hard to get good lab help, especially when you are plucking recruits off the side of the road in Portland.

If this is one of Ben's "ideas" to get back to the island (arriving on a different wormhole to before he got squirted off the island), then he would have to kill his duplicate, like in the movie "Prestige"...and that's just too creepy, even for LOST -- but maybe that's why Richard doesn't need to remember birthdays, because he keeps killing his extra selves and therefore technically doesn't have a birthday anymore! But then Ben might have to dig up another ancient FDW to do it -- unless like S.R.Hadden in "Contact", the DI secretly built an extra Orchid apparatus on another anomaly and just billed Hanso double on the purchase request forms! OK, now I'm getting too crazy.

A Wiki illustration for a space/time application gave us one visual theory on the critical coordinates, that I also embellished. I'm not sure if I buy into the Moebius space warp anymore, but all that coordinates business is still up in the air until TPTB give us some more "friggin' answers". Although, I can imagine Doc Ray randomly floating in outside of the 305' (as TPTB have mentioned), getting caught in the loop, and slipping around time to acquire his previously cut face, before he washed ashore. But I wonder why his neck didn't go back to before it was cut? Hmmm.


maven said...

What would I do without your visual aids, Capcom? LOL They are soooo helpful!

Capcom said...

Hey thanks! I'm hoping that we get some freaky science from Octagon soon, so I can play with some more images. :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Pretty decent, I agree with Maven. I picked up Hawking's book on the cheap at The Gallery Bookstore and I really find it hard to believe he wrote that twenty years ago. Or...did he write it, like, now, as I'm typing this and then take the wormhole back to 1988?

Capcom said...

Oh SNAP Wayne! (I actually hate that expression) :-) Wouldn't that be freaky??? But hopefully, he might also be able to get some futuristic medical assistance in the future time for his ailments. :-(

Yes, I love Hawking's and Brian Greene's books too. With all the illustrations that they include, it makes it so much easier for us right-brained people to get those concepts.